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Koharu Izaki
AGE: 21
ORIGIN: Japan, Earth
RESIDENCE: Women's Dormitory, Room ___

Rukh's Eye Communication Tool
Rifle A heavy double barrel rifle with a wooden stock and thick gold trim on the butt of the gun that serves as her wand.
Uniform Her high school uniform she was wearing when she left.
Photo A group photo of Sora's wedding
Purse A cream colored purse, containing her cellphone, wallet, a few cosmetic products and a hairbrush
Item 1 (_th Type) Description.
Item 2 (_th Type) Description.


Feb. 10th, 2015 02:49 pm
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Tell me how I'm doing with this princess guys! Anon commenting on; Screened commenting on.
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Her eyes open to an empty space on the bed beside her. It must be raining, is her first thought. For all her insistence on waking up with him, to help him out with morning chores, she wakes up hours later on days like this. Up on one elbow, Koharu can see the drizzle and dark clouds and she sighs. Winter was worse, because she woke up cold then, curled in a ball in the space where his warmth had been.

Her morning routine changes only a little. The shower comes first, because he'll have done all the morning chores. On days when she wakes up with him, she puts on something worn and slightly tougher than the dresses and skirts she prefers. It doesn't matter what she wears when chickens scurry around her feet and a goat bleats for treats she might have tucked in pockets or the apron she sometimes wears. Those mornings she remembers her silly determination when first faced with growing her own food, creating her own world. The rough hands and falling into bed at night without even changing her clothes. She remembers him pulling the blanket over her and a kiss on her cheek as she drifted. Its those cold mornings that she loves her life, with all its flaws, because it's all she has and better than anything she could have had, if she were real. She works for her life every day and it's real in a way life could never have been.

It's not one of those mornings though. Rushing herself to join him would just be silly. Today she enjoys a shower, cool to prepare for the humid heat that will come. Her mind isn't idle, thinking ahead to things she wants to do, people she had planned to visit. A basket of plums is waiting to head to Cuba. Poland mended a dress of hers. It's still sitting on his side table in his living room where she forgot it, too busy gossiping to remember why she had even come. She'd discovered a pile of scrap cloth under a blanket in the closet and she had remembered how Ukraine had promised to teach her how to make a quilt.

Braiding her bangs back, she wonders what would be best to do today. The drizzle is letting up and through the window, she can see him wandering through their small fields, inspecting their plants from under a small umbrella. A smile curls her lips, fond, before she pulls her gaze back to her reflection. Her hand presses against the glass, the metal of her ring clinking there before she shakes her head. She doesn't think she looks twenty. The face before her looks the same as the one she has always known.

Of course the pictures on the mantle of their fireplace say something different. The fake picture of her Mayfield wedding, the startling picture of a wedding she would never attend, the real picture of a wedding a mere six months old. Every picture shows a slightly different version of herself, even if it was just how her face was shaped by her hair. She's shaped and changed by her world and it's strange to think she'll still be in this house in two more years, looking at pictures of herself and wondering at the subtle differences.

She stops to look at them, for just a moment, vanity perhaps or mere fond memories. The rye wreath is starting to show its age, brittle at the edges but the sash her mother made her hasn't yet faded. The embroidery is too bright, the colors too vivid. It'll always be that bright, she thinks. Or hopes.

The rain is picking up again and her umbrella was lent to...Well someone. She can't recall exactly who at this moment. So she reaches for one, and it's there, solid in her hand. She's learned the careful limits of her power here. It's careful skirting, too fast too far and it'll be a repeat of that day when Lithuania found her asleep in the middle of a fully furnished study that hadn't been there the day before.

The rain patters on the umbrella that was suddenly there as she closes the door behind her. Even that small noise brings their dogs rushing over, too well trained by now to jump on her but still lavishing affection with slobbering kisses. He lifts his head, spots her, smiles.

She'll be over there in a moment, always asking what he's doing, what she can do, marveling at the things he knows and the things she learns. For now, she enjoys the rain.
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Your name: Terra
Age: 23
Personal Journal: [personal profile] terraminuit
Contact: AIM: terra2point0 | [plurk.com profile] terraminuit
Current Characters: None

Name: Koharu Izaki
Age: 21
Canon: Shitsurakuen
Canon Point: Immediately post-series
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Background: Shitsurakuen Wikipedia
Appearance: Pictured here

Personality: Koharu embodies many of the so-called 'princess' ideals. She's pretty, kind-hearted, mothering, self-sacrificing, somewhat servile and a fairly good cook. While she doesn't trust easily persay, she trusts completely. She has faith in Sora and she takes a lot of her strength from that. She's clearly the type of girl who is destined to be a follower, not a leader. She likes helping others and takes a good measure of her self-worth from that. Her affection for those who help her is clear and she has no qualms about showing that affection. In fact she can be a bit too affectionate at times, but that has calmed down somewhat at her age. Time has lent her a more mature charm and a grace she lacked as a teenager.

She was caught up in Sora's quest for justice not because she has the determination to right wrongs, but because Sora does and she believes in Sora and her ideals with all her heart. Since Sora saved her, every action Koharu has taken has to further Sora's ideas and to make life easier for her. Whether that involves looking up things, cooking, cleaning or producing her weapon for Sora when she is fighting, she has devoted herself entirely to her knight and will always defend what Sora does. Not having her friends here to help will make her falter a bit, but she'll just dedicate that determination to her new friends and hope they can find a way home.

It doesn't mean that she won't instruct Sora as she gives direction and tries to make sure Sora is hurt as little as possible. She doesn't mind when the backlash hits her though, because the pain is for Sora and can be beared. Her only true fears were men and the power they exerted over her in Exa Clan. But slowly, she has gained the strength of will to stand up to them, to fight for herself as she did after Sora's weapons were captured. Though, it appears she didn't really learn much about standing up for herself. In the end, she even blames herself for the way she treated her original 'owner' and apologizes to him. Though perhaps, it was her own way of standing up for herself. She had feelings that she knew others wouldn't approve of and she knew he would react harshly to her kind words. That he would most likely think her silly or naive. She admits that feeling wanted by him, in that he kept battling Sora to win her back, was desirable. It made her happy--like perhaps beneath the cruel way he treated her there was a real sentiment. After all the pain he put her through, Koharu was somewhat attached to him too. She can take risks, small ones, if she believes that her feelings are important and need to be heard.

Once she trusts people, she makes friends fairly easily, looking for their good points. She can even be completely blind to the faults, preferring the idealized image. If a friend was putting up a smiling happy front, Koharu would accept it completely. That isn't to say that she lacks empathy. Familiarity with her friends finds the cracks in their facades and she wants to know how they feel and if she can help lift their moods. She forgives easily, preferring to trust others as allies rather than hold grudges. It's easier to forgive and push things to the past, as she generally loathes confrontations and harsh words. In fact she may completely lack the ability to hold a grudge, seeing as she forgave the boy who abused her as a student.

Powers/Abilities: She has no remarkable abilities, magical or physical.
Inventory: She is wearing her high school uniform and carrying a purse, containing: the wedding photo, a cellphone, a wallet, a few cosmetics and a hair brush

Type Affinity: Water, Life, Sound
Wand: Her weapon from canon; A heavy double barrel rifle with a wooden stock and thick gold trim on the butt of the gun.

Other: Nothing!

Third Person:Every step away from the wedding was a blessing. Koharu had lingered far longer than she probably should have. The rest of the group had left long ago, citing their own obligations and things to do. Even Kajiwara had left, much to his dismay. He had wanted to walk her to the train stop, she thought, but one last chance to stay with Sora was too much to pass up. A promise to keep in touch with everyone had been sworn but they knew most of them would drift apart, only brought together by Sora. Who knew how often those get-togethers would be anymore? Would Sora want to anymore, when she's married to Tsuki and with a bright future ahead of her?

Her cellphone beeped, a message that she ignored for a moment to cross a street. She found a quiet corner to stand in and reach for her phone, pulling up the message. It's just Sora, a little thank you written in childish words. Of course she'd thank them. Koharu felt the corners of her lips turn up, a smile. Of course Sora would want to see them again. Sora never changed and she'd never let them drift apart.

The train station is deserted at this point in the evening. Too late for commuters heading back into Tokyo. She giggled aloud. She was sort of a commuter herself, really; heading back into town proper for her job. She's just a waitress--she makes very little, but she gets by. Her mother had hoped for more out of the fancy school she'd sent her to, but Koharu was happy enough where she was. She took a seat and rifles through the contents of her purse. Oh--right. The picture. She took it out, carefully smoothing out a corner that's already creased. She'll have to set a few books on it, straighten that out a bit. It's Sora's happiest moment and it wouldn't do to have it broken. She's happy for her.

She's really happy for her, she thinks to herself as she rubs away a tear. She's so happy for her. She's not paying attention when she gets up. She's not paying attention when she walks through the doors.

Shifting light and new smells--that's what she notices. She finally looks up. Oh.

Is she dreaming?
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A simple choice.

It was a simple choice, they claimed. Mayfield has no simple choices. Even after the world crumbles around them and all that is left is the ruins of a town they can hope to revive, Mayfield can never be simple.

You could return home. Be free of this place and all your baggage. But you would never recall this place. You would forget everyone you met, the alliances forged and relationships begun or rekindled. Or you could stay. You could begin life anew in this place. You would remember all you meet. All you loved here. But you could never go home. You would stay here for the rest of your days.

Koharu never asked them their answer. The choice had been made for them, in the people they could feel from home. They were never going to stay. They were always going to forget her. She could have cried or begged but it wouldn't have dropped what was going to happen all along.

So she said her goodbyes. To Cuba, the father she had forgotten. To Ukraine, the mother she would miss for all time. To Poland, the mischievous gossipy best friend she had never had. To Lithuania, the first man she had ever loved.

And it would be okay, she thought, even as tears ran down her cheeks and a sob welling up that she refused to let them hear. It would be okay, she whispered in the silence as they disappeared.

It would be okay because she would remember. She would remember each and every one of her friends each and every day in this broken little town, and be content knowing their fates. They all lived lives longer than she could dream and she had seen a part of that life. It would be okay.

It had been a simple choice.
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5720 Cunningham Lane
Backdated--Post meeting Lithuania

[Koharu stayed inside for the rest of the day, not wanting to risk meeting one of the doppelgangers of Sora or Lithuania...Trust them to do that. To leave and sacrifice themselves. Stupid selfless knights.]

[Oh shoot she's crying again[

5720 Cunningham Lane

[She's staring at herself in the mirror. Staring. The tattoo on her chest is strange, something she's never seen before. She touches it and shakes her head. Why does it feel right though. She smiles at the sight for a moment and a flash of red hair, blue eyes, a smile--]

She was always a little bit stupid.

[Wait who?]

Anywhere on the streets

[She curled in on herself, stepping to the side if the person nearby was male. She didn't trust them, with how easily they hurt her. How easily they tormented her and how every male saw her as fair game. No one here had hurt her yet...but it was only a matter of time right? She dropped her gaze to the sidewalk to avoid their eyes and tucked her basket in closer]
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[It's that time, time for Koharu to break--nope. She will not be doing that, she has decided against it. Now is time to give out presents and pretend she's not still a little broken. Time to not think about the holidays coming up and how they will probably break her again.



SORA: A red scarf with the word 'KNIGHT' in gold done in little letters at one end and a nice warm cape in a dark deep red.

UKRAINE: A scarf in her flag's colors and her only hat in blue, a little lopside and off but she clearly tried very hard

LITHUANIA: A scarf in his flag colors! And a little package of cookies

RUSSIA: A long dark blue scarf!

POLAND: A long dark green scarf!

CUBA: A scarf in half green and half red

ANYONE ELSE SHE HAS CR WITH: A box of chocolate dipped cookies

[She's bustling along happily, she loves giving people gifts. She leaves the gifts on the step if no one answers the door knob but she waits quite a few minutes for someone to come to the door]
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A. OUTSIDE 5270 CUNNINGHAM LANE (open to all)

[She sifted through the rubble one more time, looking for the gun she had regained. No luck. Of course not. She sighed and glanced up.

Just in time to see a hatchet bury itself into a skull and a group descend on the person, hacking and mutilating the body. Her instinct to scream welled up and she slapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself. They'd hear her if she screamed, just run. Run. Just run.

And she did. All the way back into the remains of the house

B BASEMENT OF 5270 CUNNINGHAM LANE (open to ANYONE in Ukraine's basement)

[She was curled up as small as she could in a corner of the basement, head on her knees, silently crying. First destruction, then--then that. She felt a sob well up and buried her face in her hands to cover the sound. She wanted to go home. She just wanted to go home.]


Oct. 25th, 2011 11:49 am
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A 5720 Cunningham Lane

[Koharu is cheerful and sweeping off the front porch. That is nothing new, right? Even in events she can be cheerful and happy. Of course, she seems a bit too cheerful, a bit too sarcastic when it comes down to actually speaking.

But doesn't she look just the same when she's smiling and sweeping


[She skips along, leaning down to talk to a little girl playing in the park who appears to have fallen in the mud]

Oh don't worry sweetheart, it's not as if anyone cared about your dress. It's just a rag anyways!


[What we have here is a pod. A pod with a girl in it. A pod with a girl in pajamas sleeping away unaware of her podperson out there ruining her good name with sarcasm.

Won't you save her from gooey green sleep?
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[Koharu just got a job. What job? Well running around rollerskates of course.

Watch her glide along uncertainly for a few feet before crashing to her knees just outside the door

O-oh...oh no. [That poor burger and fries. Never stood a chance]


[She made it to your car! This is a feat]

Here you go. Thank you so much!

[Did she even get you the right order?]


[She's sitting outside the diner looking thoroughly exhausted. She unlaces her skates one at a time and rummages for her proper shoes]

T-This is such a strange job.

[Examines a scrape on her elbow] I think I need skating lessons...


[She has bruised knees and a few scrapes on her arms but appears otherwise to be intact.]

Ukraine? Do you know how to skate?
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I'm very very sorry to anyone I shot last week. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I didn't realize...

I'm so sorry


A Kitchen (For Ukraine)

[Koharu spent much of the last week in her room or out in secluded parts of the park. So when she finally sat down at the table across from Ukraine, she barely spoke, just whispering]

I'm sorry...I--I understand if you'd rather I not stay around much.

B Porch (For Sora)

[Koharu stepped out, on her way to check the mail when she saw Sora standing there]

...O-Oh hello Sora.

(The following options are open to anyone)

C 1333 Benny Road

[She knocks on the door, waiting uncertainly. She threatened him, why would he talk to her now]


[Koharu is walking around silently, lost in thought and looking a little upset. Contrary to her usual behavior, she doesn't smile at her friends or acquaintances or even really notice them]
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[[If you don't want your character hurt, this is probably not the best post. She will shoot at people!! Murder-drone Mode is activated]]


[She is happy, smiling, and toting a rifle in one hand and waving pleasantly at a drone child with the other. She stops to talk to a drone girl for a moment and then looks, smiling that bright shining drone smile]

It is such a beautiful day in Mayfield, isn't it?
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A. Action; Cunningham Lane

[Her regain arrives a little late, wrapped in the usual box and she is quite confused to see it at first...She picks it up, rattles it, and then looks inside. Her gaze meets her own chest, framed within the borders of the polaroid and on it is her ownership symbol, the two overlapping Vs. She picks up the picture, confused by the intangible regain for a moment before she remembers Lithuania's scars. The soft burning on her chest makes her hiss and she presses a hand to where it must now be.]

It's back? That's what I gained back from the town?

[Unfortunately she is going to unbutton her shirt right there, just down to her cleavage to examine the mark that now rests on her chest]

There'd be no hiding that in a swimsuit would there . . .

B. Action; Shops

[The 50's dresses she has in her closet tend to do quite a lot to cover the mark on her chest, not that she'd care either way. It's her precious proof of ownership and she is glad to have it back. It's the proof that Sora owns her now and she thinks that's the best thing in the world. However, she has managed to find the one dress in that closet, cut a little too low for most sensibilities, but still a fashionable summer dress. She has a basket in hand and is going up and down the street in front of the shops more for something to do than to really buy anything]

C. Action; Diner

[The diner is not somewhere she usually goes, but she peeks her head in out of curiousity more than anything else. There is only so much one can do to pass time and the pool was no longer an option. She took a hesitant step in and looked around more boldly]
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[Dated to whenever Ukraine is stuck at Liets]

A. Action; Cunninghame Lane

[Koharu is wearing her brand new Ukrainian style dress and looking a little anxious. She keeps mumbling things to herself and glancing at the people walking by. She bites her lip and glances back at her house. She really wants to tell her household about all the things that happened at her school but she know she shouldn't. It would just make them upset. Yeah theyd just be upset. At least Ukraine was at Lithuania's house, far from Koharu's loose lips. For now.

Koharu glanced back again and started away from the house, trying to find a place to sit where it was quiet and secluded

B. Action; Park

[Her first attempt is at the park, where one would find her sitting under a tree and staring up at the sky. She occasionally opens her mouth to speak to someone passing by and then has to struggle not to, dropping her eyes to the ground. She fidgets and gets up again, trying to head for another spot]

C. Action; 1333 Benny Road

[She hesitated at his door. Maybe she could keep her mouth shut and just smile and be happy for Ukraine. Maybe she wouldn't worry them. Maybe. She really hoped so. She knocked, glancing over her shoulder into the street and back to the street.]

U-Um Lithuania? [She opened the door shyly and peeked in] Lithuania? Ukraine?

[[If you don't want sexual abuse or TMI about Sora, just let me know somewhere in your first tag! Thank you!]]


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